DADD (Dads against Daughters Dating)


We apologize if we offended anyone with the D A D D and M A D D plaques. We wanted to add a little humor to our products. We do not approve of Drunk Driving in any way.

All people have the right of choice if they want to drink alcohol or not. We have no problem with a person buying alcohol and going home and then drinking or have a designated driver to drive the person home from a bar.

Many people die a senseless death every year because someone decided to drink and drive. We wish that there would never be another accident from drunk driving, but we all know that there will be accidents in the future. No one knows who will be the next victim. One thing we all know, it WILL BE somebody’s loved one.

Here at Memories from Wood we do not condone drunk driving. If one of our employees shows up for work drunk, we notify the local police and refuse to let them drive away from the parking lot, and they are terminated.

Again we apologize if we offended anyone, but we do our best to keep everybody’s loved ones safe.

The owner of Memories from Wood has never drunk one drop of alcohol in his life. Thank you for your time and please, drive safe.